The breed standards for the
Ozark Mountain Feist and Ozark Mountain Cur

It must have been bred or raised and trained in the Ozark Mountains or its' parents should have come from the Ozarks. This doesn't mean you have to live in the Ozarks to register your  Feist or Cur. On the contrary, if you live someplace other than the Ozark's and have an Ozark Mtn. bred feist or cur and would like to register it are more than welcome to do so. 

Any color is acceptable. 

Feists - Ears may either lay down or be erect. 

Feist weight should be less than 35lbs.

Cur weight over 35lbs.

Feist height 18 inches or less at the withers. 

Cur height over 18 inches's at the withers.

Coat: Must Sleek and Smooth - No Long, Rough coats excepted.

Tail may be natural bobbed to long or docked. 

You can see the standards are very flexible. 

Looks isn't as important as being a good tree dog. Although I firmly believe you can breed a good looking, nice built dog and still have a good tree dog.

Wrote by Hal Hurst and Sharon Jones

For more info contact Sharon at
(417) 752-3601 or
Mailing Address:
The Registry
53 Squire Ln
Tunas, MO 65764

This page was last updated on: December 27, 2009

For ALL Feists and Curs that are bred or raised and trained in the Ozark Mountains